Re-Mission 2


A game changer!

DeveloperGamerThat’s you. That’s us. Together we’ll focus on changing games and making them accessible. And if the problem isn’t the game but the input, we’ll find a solution for you to make it work. It’s time to face the future, where we play games for fun and games to learn. Everybody agrees that the digital age has started but developing accessible games and tools for people with a disability has fallen behind…

…so start gaming!

To make the change! Focus on the different games on the market and together we’ll create awareness on accessibility. In classrooms, in hospitals, companies, government, at home and wherever you play games. Not always for fun, but more and more for learning certain skills. Maybe recover from an accident or with helping you to understand business processes, you won’t read, you will play. So help to write reviews and get involved!

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